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random headcanon idea!

Ok so I while I was sitting here typing up my phan fic I started to think about that one time where Danny was cross dressing (you know the Spliting Images ep?) and this idea popped in my head.

I don’t think that’s the first time that Danny has dressed like that.

why do I think this you ask?

1) Tucker’s reaction.
He didn’t take pics or joke about it very much.
Well other than saying Puce wasn’t his color 

In a later ep when Danny is wearing that “Casper High Spirit Baby” get-up Tucker had a field day with it!
So why didn’t he enjoy every second of Danny’s cross dressing misery? Because he’s been there done that. Must of happened when they were kids or something. Like some summer camp prank or something I don’t know. Possibly Pre-Sam?

2) Cuz Danny could handle the heels.
The boy stood up from being on the ground in heels and didn’t fall on his face! From what I’ve seen, boys don’t normally have that talent.
Therefore, he’s been there done that.

So if anyone in the phandom would like to have a drawing/writing fun time with this please feel free!

Just a, let me know. I wanna enjoy it too! :3

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    He could be the next Ritsu Namine imo
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    oh oh that just makes it the most precious baby in the world!
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    I always figured that Jazz never really had friends her own age, but she still wanted to do girly things like have...
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    (I did a reply art XD) …. I will never understand why a cross-dressing Danny is more interesting than normal-dressing.
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